Doors are configurable-width vertical sections of the world that you can toggle on and off. The width of the door can be changed.

They can be toggled using two different methods: * Right clicking a sign * Powering the sign with redstone


Node Comment Type Default
allowed-blocks A list of blocks that can be used. List [minecraft:planks, minecraft:stonebrick, minecraft:cobblestone]
allow-redstone Whether to allow redstone to be used to trigger this mechanic or not Boolean true
maximum-length The maximum length the door can be. Integer 16
maximum-width The maximum width each side of the door can be. The overall max width is this*2 + 1. Integer 5


Node Description Default Role
craftbook.door Allows the user to create the Door mechanic. user
craftbook.door.use Allows the user to use the Door mechanic. user