More Rails

More Rails is a minecart mechanic that adds new rail types through the use of other blocks.

4-Way Intersections

When minecarts pass over pressure plates, they will be given a continual speed boost so as they don’t come to a complete stop. This can be used to create 4-way intersections, with the pressure plate being in the centre and the rails all facing it.

Vertical Rails

When a minecart runs into ladders or vines the block acts as a vertical minecart rail and propels the minecart upwards by about 1 block. The minecart is given forward momentum in the direction the ladder is facing, to make it easier to create continuing rail systems.


Node Comment Type Default
vertical-rails Allow ladders and vines to be used for vertical rails. Boolean true
vertical-velocity Velocity that vertical rails adds to the cart. Double 0.15
intersection-rails Allow pressure plates to be used as 4 way intersections. Boolean true