Block Bags

Block Bags are a mechanic that allows for other mechanics to use a source of blocks, rather than spawning items in. This is a replacement for the safe-destruction option from CraftBook 3.

There are multiple types of Block Bags, with more to be added in the future. The method of assigning block bags varies depending on the mechanic in

Admin Block Bag

Admin block bags can only be created by users with the admin block bag permission, and contain infinite blocks. These are useful if you want to have a few doors or gates that have an infinite supply of blocks.

Embedded Block Bag

Embedded block bags are block bags that are embedded in the sign of the mechanic. These work seamlessly and are the most used type of block bag. In
most cases these are the default block bag if none other are specified.


Node Description Default Role
craftbook.blockbag.admin Allows usage of admin block bags. admin