This IC is marked as Restricted. This means it’s not necessarily suitable for normal players.

The MC1200 spawns an entity in the first free space above the block behind the IC sign when the input (the “clock”) goes from low to high.

Setting The Entity

The entity to spawn can be set in a few different ways. If you want to simply just spawn a pig, just write the ID of that entity on the 3rd line. So for a pig you’d write pig (Or minecraft:pig).

If you want to spawn multiple different entities, or entities with more custom data, just leave the 3rd line blank. Once the IC is created it’ll open a menu where you can provide Spawn Eggs of what you want spawned.

Sign Lines

  2. [MC1200]
  3. entity type, or blank to set later
  4. amount

IC Pins


  • Clock


  • None


Node Description Default Role
craftbook.ic.restricted.mc1200 Allows creation of the Entity Spawner (MC1200) IC. staff