The Chairs mechanic allows players to sit on blocks, such as stair blocks.


A chair is any block that is listed in the configuration, usually stair blocks. There must be a block underneath the chair block for it to count.

Sign Requirement

It is possible to require signs to be attached to the chairs in the config. When this is enabled, a sign block must be attached to the chair in some regard. If this is a long chair, only a single sign is required on the whole structure.


Right click a block that is defined as a chair to sit on it. A message will be shown if there is no block beneath the chair, and the player will not be allowed to sit.


If enabled in the config, it is possible to have chairs slowly heal the player at a configurable rate. The player’s exhaustion level is also lowered, regardless of the config setting.


Node Comment Type Default
allowed-blocks A list of blocks that can be used. List [minecraft:oak_stairs, minecraft:nether_brick_stairs, minecraft:acacia_stairs, minecraft:purpur_stairs, minecraft:red_sandstone_stairs, minecraft:sandstone_stairs, minecraft:quartz_stairs, minecraft:stone_stairs, minecraft:jungle_stairs, minecraft:spruce_stairs, minecraft:stone_brick_stairs, minecraft:birch_stairs, minecraft:dark_oak_stairs, minecraft:brick_stairs]
exit-at-last-position Moves player’s to their entry position when they exit the chair. Boolean false
require-sign Require signs on the chairs. Boolean false
max-sign-distance The distance the sign can be from the clicked chair. Integer 3
face-correct-direction When the player sits, automatically face them the direction of the chair. (If possible) Boolean true
heal-passenger Heal the player when they’re sitting in the chair. Boolean false
heal-amount Amount to heal the player by. Double 1.0


Node Description Default Role
craftbook.chairs.use Allows the user to sit in chairs. user