Node Comment Type Default
allowed-blocks A list of blocks that can be used. List [minecraft:acacia_fence_gate, minecraft:birch_fence, minecraft:dark_oak_fence, minecraft:jungle_fence_gate, minecraft:acacia_fence, minecraft:birch_fence_gate, minecraft:jungle_fence, minecraft:fence_gate, minecraft:nether_brick_fence, minecraft:spruce_fence, minecraft:spruce_fence_gate, minecraft:dark_oak_fence_gate, minecraft:fence, minecraft:glass_pane, minecraft:stained_glass_pane, minecraft:iron_bars]
allow-redstone Whether to allow redstone to be used to trigger this mechanic or not Boolean true
search-radius The maximum area around the sign the gate can search. Integer 5
indirect-access Allows toggling of gates by clicking the gate material rather than the sign. Boolean true


Node Description Default Role
craftbook.gate Allows the user to create the Gate mechanic. user
craftbook.gate.use Allows the user to use the Gate mechanic. user