Tree Lopper

Tree Lopper is a mechanic that allows you to cut down an entire tree with a single swing of an axe (Similar to the TreeCapitator client mod, but with more features).


Node Comment Type Default
allowed-blocks A list of blocks that are logs. List [minecraft:log, minecraft:log2]
allowed-items The list of items that can be used with this mechanic. List [{ContentVersion=1, ItemType=minecraft:diamond_axe, Count=1, UnsafeDamage=0}, {ContentVersion=1, ItemType=minecraft:golden_axe, Count=1, UnsafeDamage=0}, {ContentVersion=1, ItemType=minecraft:iron_axe, Count=1, UnsafeDamage=0}, {ContentVersion=1, ItemType=minecraft:stone_axe, Count=1, UnsafeDamage=0}, {ContentVersion=1, ItemType=minecraft:wooden_axe, Count=1, UnsafeDamage=0}]
disabled-users A list of users that have disabled the mechanic. List null


Node Description Default Role
craftbook.treelopper.use Allows the user to use TreeLopper. user
craftbook.treelopper.toggle Allows the user to toggle TreeLopper on and off. user