Sign Copier

The Sign Copier mechanic can be used to copy the text from one sign to another sign, and edit the text on the signs if needed.


To use the sign copier, right click the sign you want to copy with an ink sac, then punch the sign you want to paste the text onto. You can paste to as many signs as you would like.

Editing Text

To edit text, you can use the /sign edit commands. The syntax is /sign edit <line> <text>. This edits the currently copied sign, allowing you to make a copy and edit it, just before pasting it on multiple signs!

In order to edit text with spaces, just enter it in as you normally would. Eg, /sign edit 1 This is a sign.


Node Comment Type Default
signcopier-item The item that triggers the Sign Copier mechanic. ItemStack {ContentVersion=1, ItemType=minecraft:dye, Count=1, UnsafeDamage=0}


Node Description Default Role
craftbook.signcopier.use Allows the user to copy and paste signs. user
craftbook.signcopier.edit Allows the user to use the sign edit command. user