Integrated Circuits

Integrated circuits (also known as ICs) are compact components that perform the task of complicated circuits or do things otherwise impossible with Redstone. Building them and connecting them is simple. The ICs in CraftBook currently come in families that correspond with their number of inputs and outputs:

  • ZISO - Single output, no input
  • AISO - Single output, input can be anywhere
  • SISO - Single input, single output
  • SI3O - Single input, three outputs
  • SI5O - Single input, five outputs
  • 3ISO - Three inputs, single output
  • 3I3O - Three inputs, three outputs
  • VIVO - Variable number of inputs and outputs

Construction of ICs vary by family, so check out the links for the IC Families in order to find out how to construct an IC.

Commands and In-Game Information

For a current list of IC’s, type /ic list [-p page#] Ingame!

You can search IC’s using /ic search <Search Term> [-p page#]

For a description and per-line information on a specific IC, shift click and IC or type /ic docs <IC ID> (eg, /ic docs MC1200). IC Docs also works with search terms, it just gives the docs of the first result.

Prior to CraftBook 3.5, the commands were /icdocs, /listics and /searchics, and they did not use a flag for paging. Instead you were required to enter the page

Circuit Usage Notes

ICs which require a radius or radius=x:y:z use the numbers for x, y, and z as offsets by default. In other words, x:y:z determines the distance from the IC block to the center of the radius in the x, y, and z directions . In order to use absolute coordinates, you must put exclamation points in front of the numbers.

For ICs which use items from a chest below them, it is recommended that you use a transparent block such as glass so that you can access the inventory without destroying the IC block.


T (Triggered) ICs

ST (Self-Triggered) ICs

ICs of this type are special, as they do not require a clock signal, and instead execute every two ticks (configurable). For example, the triggered version of the day check IC (MC1230) normally requires an alternating signal to be used as an automated check, but when its self-triggered equivalent is used, it will trigger automatically on passing of time, allowing you to make day/night-triggered systems more easily. Most ICs of this type are otherwise equivalent to their triggered equivalent. To use a Self-Triggered IC, set it up like a normal IC, but add a S to the end of the ID. That would make [MC1230] into [MC1230]S

IC Types List

IC ID Shorthand Allows ST Families Name Description
MC1000 repeater false SISO AISO Repeater Repeats a redstone signal.
MC1001 inverter false SISO AISO Inverter Invert a redstone signal.
MC1017 re t flip false SISO AISO Toggle Flip Flop Toggles output on high.
MC1018 fe t flip false SISO AISO Toggle Flip Flop Toggles output on low.
MC1020 random bit true SISO AISO Random Bit Randomly sets the output on high.
MC1025 server time false SISO AISO Server Time Modulus Outputs high if time is odd.
MC1110 transmitter false SISO AISO Wireless Transmitter Transmits wireless signal to wireless recievers.
MC1111 receiver true SISO AISO Wireless Receiver Recieves signal from wireless transmitter.
MC1112 tele-out true SISO AISO Teleport Transmitter Transmitter for the teleportation network.
MC1113 tele-in true SISO AISO Teleport Reciever Reciever for the teleportation network.
MC1200 spawner false SISO AISO Creature Spawner* Spawns a mob with specified data.
MC1201 dispenser false SISO AISO Item Dispenser* Spawns in items.
MC1202 c dispense true SISO AISO Container Dispenser Dispenses items out of containers.
MC1203 strike false SISO AISO Zeus Bolt* Strike location with lightning!
MC1204 trap true SISO AISO Entity Trap* Damage nearby entities of type.
MC1205 set above true SISO AISO Set Block Admin* Sets block above IC block.
MC1206 set below true SISO AISO Set Block Admin* Sets block below IC block.
MC1207 flex set false SISO AISO Flexible Set* Sets a block at a specified distance on a specific axis. Can also hold a block at a place until low power.
MC1208 mult set false SISO AISO Multiple SetBlock* Sets multiple blocks.
MC1209 collector true SISO AISO Container Collector Collects items into above chest.
MC1210 emitter true SISO AISO Particle Effect* Creates particle effects.
MC1211 set bridge false SISO AISO Set P-Bridge* Generates a bridge out of the set materials with set size.
MC1212 set door false SISO AISO Set P-Door* Generates a door out of the set materials with set size.
MC1213 sound false SISO AISO Sound Effect* Plays a sound effect on high.
MC1214 range coll true SISO AISO Ranged Collector Collects items at a range into above chest.
MC1215 set a chest true SISO AISO Set Block Chest Sets above block from below chest.
MC1216 set b chest true SISO AISO Set Block Chest Sets below block from above chest.
MC1217 pot induce true SISO AISO Potion Inducer* Gives nearby entities a potion effect.
MC1218 block launch false SISO AISO Block Launcher* Launches set block with set velocity.
MC1219 auto craft true SISO AISO Automatic Crafter Auto-crafts recipes in the above dispenser/dropper.
MC1220 a b break true SISO AISO Block Breaker Breaks blocks below block sign is on.
MC1221 b b break true SISO AISO Block Breaker Breaks blocks above block sign is on.
MC1222 liq flood true SISO AISO Liquid Flooder* Floods an area with a liquid.
MC1223 terraform true SISO AISO Bonemeal Terraformer Terraforms an area using bonemeal.
MC1224 time bomb false SISO AISO Timed Explosive* Spawn tnt with custom fuse and yield.
MC1225 pump true SISO AISO Pump Pumps liquids into above chest.
MC1226 spigot false SISO AISO Spigot* Fills areas with liquid from below chest.
MC1227 avd spawner false SISO AISO Advanced Entity Spawner* Spawns a mob with many customizations.
MC1228 ent cannon true SISO AISO Entity Cannon* Shoots nearby entities of type at set velocity.
MC1229 sorter true SISO AISO Sorter Sorts items and spits out left/right depending on above chest.
MC1230 sense day true SISO AISO Day Sensor Outputs high if it is day.
MC1231 t control false SISO AISO Time Control* Sets time based on input.
MC1232 time set true SISO AISO Time Set* Set time when triggered.
MC1233 item fan true SISO AISO Item Fan Gently pushes items upwards.
MC1234 planter true SISO AISO Planter Plants plantable things at set offset.
MC1235 cultivator true SISO AISO Cultivator Cultivates an area using a hoe.
MC1236 fake weather true SISO AISO Weather Faker* Fakes a players weather in radius.
MC1237 fake time true SISO AISO Time Faker* Radius based fake time.
MC1238 irrigate true SISO AISO Irrigator Irrigates nearby farmland using water in above chest.
MC1239 harvester true SISO AISO Combine Harvester Harvests nearby crops.
MC1240 shoot arrow false SISO AISO Arrow Shooter* Shoots an arrow.
MC1241 shoot arrows false SISO AISO Arrow Barrage* Shoots a barrage of arrows.
MC1242 stocker true SISO AISO Container Stocker* Adds item into container at specified offset.
MC1243 distributer true SISO AISO Distributer Distributes items to right and left based on sign.
MC1244 animal harv true SISO AISO Animal Harvester Harvests nearby cows and sheep.
MC1245 cont stkr true SISO AISO Container Stacker Stacks all items in a container to 64.
MC1246 xp spawner false SISO AISO Experience Orb Spawner* Spawns an XP Orb.
MC1248 driller true SISO AISO Driller* Breaks a line of blocks from the IC block.
MC1249 replacer false SISO AISO Block Replacer* Searches a nearby area and replaces blocks accordingly.
MC1250 shoot fire false SISO AISO Fire Shooter* Shoots a fireball.
MC1251 shoot fires false SISO AISO Fire Barrage* Shoots a barrage of fire.
MC1252 flame thower false SISO AISO Flame Thrower* Makes a line of fire.
MC1253 firework show true SISO AISO Programmable Firework Show* Plays a firework show from a file.
MC1260 sense water true SISO AISO Water Sensor Outputs high if water is at the given offset.
MC1261 sense lava true SISO AISO Lava Sensor Outputs high if lava is at given offset.
MC1262 sense light true SISO AISO Light Sensor Outputs high if specific block is above specified light level.
MC1263 sense block true SISO AISO Block Sensor Checks for blocks at location.
MC1264 sense item true SISO AISO Item Detection Detects items within a given radius
MC1265 inv sns itm true SISO AISO Item Not Sensor Detects if an item is NOT within a given radius
MC1266 sense power true SISO AISO Power Sensor Detects if offset block is powered.
MC1268 sns cntns true SISO AISO Container Content Sensor Detects if the above container has a specific item inside it.
MC1269 sns p cntns true SISO AISO Player Inventory Sensor* Detects if a certain number of players have an item in their inventory.
MC1270 melody true SISO AISO Melody Player Plays the MIDI file entered on the sign.
MC1271 sns entity true SISO AISO Entity Sensor Detects specific entity types in a given radius.
MC1272 sns player true SISO AISO Player Detection* Detects players within a radius.
MC1273 jukebox true SISO AISO Jukebox Plays a Playlist.
MC1275 tune true SISO AISO Tune Player Plays a tune.
MC1276 radio station true SISO AISO Radio Station Broadcasts a playlist.
MC1277 radio player true SISO AISO Radio Player Plays a radio station.
MC1278 sentry gun true SISO AISO Sentry Gun* Shoots nearby mobs with arrows.
MC1279 player trap true SISO AISO Player Trap* Damages nearby players that fit criteria.
MC1280 animal brd true SISO AISO Animal Breeder Breeds nearby animals.
MC1420 divide clock false SISO AISO Clock Divider Clock that toggles output when reset.
MC1421 clock true SISO AISO Clock Outputs high every X ticks when input is high.
MC1422 monostable true SISO AISO Monostable Outputs a pulse for a set amount of time on high.
MC1500 range output true SISO AISO Ranged Output No Description.
MC1510 send message false SISO AISO Message Sender Sends a pre-written message on high.
MC2100 delayer false SISO AISO Delayer Delays signal by X seconds (or ticks if set).
MC2101 inv delayer false SISO AISO Not Delayer No Description.
MC2110 fe delayer false SISO AISO Low Delayer No Description.
MC2111 inv fe delayer false SISO AISO Not Low Delayer No Description.
MC2500 pulser false SISO AISO Pulser* Fires a (choosable) pulse of high-signals with a choosable length of the signal and the pause between the pulses when the input goes from low to high.
MC2501 inv pulser false SISO AISO Not Pulser* Fires a (choosable) pulse of low-signals with a choosable length of the signal and the pause between the pulses when the input goes from low to high.
MC2510 fe pulser false SISO AISO Low Pulser* Fires a (choosable) pulse of high-signals with a choosable length of the signal and the pause between the pulses when the input goes from high to low.
MC2511 inv fe pulser false SISO AISO Low Not Pulser* Fires a (choosable) pulse of low-signals with a choosable length of the signal and the pause between the pulses when the input goes from high to low.
MC2020 random 3 true SI3O Random 3-Bit Randomly sets the output on high.
MC2999 marquee false SI3O Marquee Sequentially sets all pins.
MC3002 and false 3ISO And Gate Outputs high if all inputs are high.
MC3003 nand false 3ISO Nand Gate NAND Gate. Outputs high if all inputs are low.
MC3020 xor false 3ISO XOR Gate No Description.
MC3021 xnor false 3ISO XNOR Gate No Description.
MC3030 nor flip false 3ISO RS-NOR flip-flop No Description.
MC3031 inv nand latch false 3ISO Inverted RS NAND latch No Description.
MC3032 jk flip false 3ISO JK negative edge-triggered flip flop No Description.
MC3033 nand latch false 3ISO RS NAND latch No Description.
MC3034 edge df flip false 3ISO Edge triggered D flip-flop No Description.
MC3036 level df flip false 3ISO Level-triggered D flip flop No Description.
MC3040 multiplexer false 3ISO Multiplexer No Description.
MC3050 combo false 3ISO Combination Lock Checks combination on sign against inputs.
MC3101 down counter false 3ISO Down Counter Outputs high when counter reaches 0.
MC3102 counter false 3ISO Counter Increments on redstone signal, outputs high when reset.
MC3231 t control adva false 3ISO Advanced Time Control* No Description.
MC3300 ROM set false 3ISO Memory Setter* Sets the memory state for a file for usage in the MemorySetter/Access IC group.
MC3301 ROM get false SI3O ROM Accessor* Gets the memory state from a file for usage in the MemorySetter/Access IC group.
MC4000 full adder false 3I3O Full Adder No Description.
MC4010 half adder false 3I3O Half Adder No Description.
MC4040 demultiplexer false 3I3O De-Multiplexer No Description.
MC4100 full subtr false 3I3O Full Subtractor No Description.
MC4110 half subtr false 3I3O Half Subtractor No Description.
MC4200 dispatcher false 3I3O Dispatcher Send middle signal out high sides.
MC6020 random 5 true SI5O Random 5-Bit Randomly sets the output on high.
MCX230 rain sense true SISO AISO Is It Rain Outputs high if it is raining.
MCX231 storm sense true SISO AISO Is It a Storm Outputs high if it is storming.
MCX233 weather set false SISO AISO Weather Control* Set rain and thunder duration.
MCT233 weather set ad false 3ISO Weather Control* When centre on, set rain if left high and thunder if right high.
VAR100 num mod false SISO AISO Variable Modifier Modifies a variable using the specified function.
VAR170 at least true SISO AISO Is At Least Checks if a variable is at least…
VAR200 item count false SISO AISO Item Counter Adds to a variable the amount of items of a type counted.

Requires the permission craftbook.ic.restricted. or the respective craftbook.ic.mcXXXX permission.


Shorthand is a way of creating IC’s, without having to remember the ID. Instead of putting [MCXXXX] on the 2nd line, put =shorthand on the first. Eg, for a repeater enter =repeater on the first line.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

PLCs, or programmable logic controllers, are a special type of IC that can be either triggered or self-triggered, and instead of having a hard-coded action, it executes code provided by the user on a set of signs above or below the IC or through a book in a chest below the sign.


IC ID Family | Language Since Instant
MC5000 VIVO | Perlstone 1.4 No
MC5001 3I3O | Perlstone 3.3 No


Node Comment Default
mechanics.ICs.cache Saves many CPU cycles with a VERY small cost to memory (Highly Recommended) true
mechanics.ICs.max-radius The max radius IC’s with a radius setting can use. (WILL cause lag at higher values) 10.0
mechanics.ICs.allow-short-hand Allows the usage of IC Shorthand, which is an easier way to create ICs. true
mechanics.ICs.keep-loaded Keep any chunk with an ST IC in it loaded. false
mechanics.ICs.disallowed-ics A list of IC’s which are never loaded. They will not work or show up in /ic list. []
mechanics.ICs.default-coordinate-system The default coordinate system for ICs. This changes the way IC offsets work. From RELATIVE, OFFSET and ABSOLUTE. RELATIVE Saves extra data to the CraftBook folder that allows some ICs to work better on server restart. true
mechanics.ICs.midi-use-percussion Plays the MIDI percussion channel when using a MIDI playing IC. Note: This may sound horrible on some songs. false
mechanics.ICs.break-on-error Break the IC sign when an error occurs from that specific IC. false
mechanics.ICs.disable-self-triggered Disable creation and checking of self-triggered ICs. false


Permission Node Effect
craftbook.ic.mcxxxx Allows for the creation of that specific IC.
craftbook.ic.category.mcxxxx Allows for the creation of that specific IC in that specific category.
craftbook.ic.restricted.mcxxxx Allows for the creation of that specific restricted IC. Allows for the creation of that specific safe IC.
craftbook.plc.debug Allows for PLC right click debugging.