Common Questions


Why don’t any commands work?

If no commands work, it may because CraftBook failed to start:

  • Make sure that you are running Paper/Spigot (or a server software that supports Bukkit). Use the version command in console or in-game and make sure that the command mentions Bukkit.
  • Make sure that, if you had downloaded CraftBook as a ZIP file, that you have extracted CraftBook.
  • Make sure that you have the proper version of CraftBook for your version of Minecraft.

If those solutions do not help you, you will need to look through your startup log:

  • If you use a game server host, use its log viewer.
  • You can also open up “latest.log” in the logs folder of your server directory. (On older versions of Minecraft, the log file was “server.log” in the root directory.)

If you are unable to discover the problem from reading the server log, you can ask for help or submit a bug report.

This feature isn’t working!

If a feature isn’t working, make sure that it’s enabled in the CraftBook configuration. By default, CraftBook will do nothing.

How old is CraftBook?

CraftBook began in November 2010 for the “hMod” modding platform by sk89q. Later on, CraftBook was ported to Bukkit, and later Sponge. Me4502 has been the lead developer since April 2012.

Who works on CraftBook?

CraftBook has been developed by many people, and large portions of CraftBook include contributed code. The list of top contributors can be found on GitHub.