Cooking Pot

Cooking Pots allow you to bulk-cook food, and optionally ores and other smeltable items, over a fire.


Cooking pots consist of three parts:

  1. A block to burn, with a [Cook] sign on it. (Netherrack recommended)
  2. A fire on the block with the sign on it.
  3. A chest, to cook inside.

Placing raw ingredients into the cooking pot will cause it to cook them. The cooking pot can be configured to work only on raw foods, or to work on all smeltable items.

All mods are theoretically supported, as the Cooking Pot scans furnace recipes. If it’s set to only cook foods, only recipes where the result provides hunger are included.

It is possible to open the chest by right clicking the cook sign even if the chest is obstructed, therefore making it possible to put blocks over the top of the chest.


The cooking pot can be configured to require fuel. Even in the case that fuel isn’t required, it still impacts the cooking process.

If fuel isn’t required, cooking speed is increased whilst fuel is provided.

To refuel the mechanic, right click the sign with a fuel source.


If enabled in the configuration, it is possible fuel the cooking pot with a pulsing redstone signal. For each power level of redstone, the cooking pot will gain 1 fuel point.


Node Comment Default
mechanics.CookingPot.allow-redstone Allows for redstone to be used as a fuel source. true
mechanics.CookingPot.require-fuel Require fuel to cook. true
mechanics.CookingPot.cook-ores Allows the cooking pot to cook ores and other smeltable items. false
mechanics.CookingPot.sign-click-open When enabled, right clicking the [Cook] sign will open the cooking pot. true
mechanics.CookingPot.take-buckets When enabled, lava buckets being used as fuel will consume the bucket. false
mechanics.CookingPot.super-fast-cooking When enabled, cooking pots cook at incredibly fast speeds. Useful for semi-instant cooking systems. false
mechanics.CookingPot.heating   false
mechanics.CookingPot.chunk-limit   false


Node Description
craftbook.mech.cook Allows the user to create Cooking Pots
craftbook.mech.cook.refuel Allows the user to refuel Cooking Pots