Dispenser Recipes

Dispenser Recipes are recipes placed inside a dispenser, that perform a task on dispense.



The Cannon recipe shoots a lit block of TNT out of the dispenser, with considerable force.



The Fan pushes away any entity 5 blocks in front of the dispenser.



The Vacuum pulls in any entity 5 blocks in front of the dispenser.


Fire Arrows

The Fire Arrows recipe shoots flaming arrows out of the dispenser.


Snow Shooter

The Snow Shooter recipe shoots snowballs out of the dispenser.


XP Shooter

The XP Shooter recipe shoots experience bottles out of the dispenser.



Node Comment Default
mechanics.DispenserRecipes.cannon-enable Enables Cannon Dispenser Recipe. true
mechanics.DispenserRecipes.fan-enable Enables Fan Dispenser Recipe. true
mechanics.DispenserRecipes.fire-arrows-enable Enables Fire Arrows Dispenser Recipe. true
mechanics.DispenserRecipes.snow-shooter-enable Enables Snow Shooter Dispenser Recipe. true
mechanics.DispenserRecipes.xp-shooter-enable Enables XP Shooter Dispenser Recipe. true