The Chairs mechanic allows players to sit on blocks, such as stair blocks.


A chair is any block that is listed in the configuration, usually stair blocks. There must be a block underneath the chair block for it to count.

Sign Requirement

It is possible to require signs to be attached to the chairs in the config. When this is enabled, a sign block must be attached to the chair in some regard. If this is a long chair, only a single sign is required on the whole structure.


Right click a block that is defined as a chair to sit on it. A message will be shown if there is no block beneath the chair, and the player will not be allowed to sit.


If enabled in the config, it is possible to have chairs slowly heal the player at a configurable rate. The player’s exhaustion level is also lowered, regardless of the config setting.


Node Comment Default
mechanics.Chairs.allow-holding-blocks Allow players to sit in chairs when holding blocks. false
mechanics.Chairs.regen-health Regenerate health passively when sitting down. true
mechanics.Chairs.regen-health-amount The amount of health regenerated passively. (Can be decimal) 1.0
mechanics.Chairs.blocks A list of blocks that can be sat on. [minecraft:acacia_stairs, minecraft:birch_stairs, minecraft:brick_stairs, minecraft:cobblestone_stairs, minecraft:dark_oak_stairs, minecraft:dark_prismarine_stairs, minecraft:jungle_stairs, minecraft:nether_brick_stairs, minecraft:oak_stairs, minecraft:prismarine_brick_stairs, minecraft:prismarine_stairs, minecraft:purpur_stairs, minecraft:quartz_stairs, minecraft:red_sandstone_stairs, minecraft:sandstone_stairs, minecraft:spruce_stairs, minecraft:stone_brick_stairs]
mechanics.Chairs.face-correct-direction When the player sits, automatically face them the direction of the chair. (If possible) true
mechanics.Chairs.require-sign Require a sign to be attached to the chair in order to work! false
mechanics.Chairs.max-distance The maximum distance between the click point and the sign. (When require sign is on) 3
mechanics.Chairs.max-click-radius The maximum distance the player can be from the sign. 5


Node Description
craftbook.mech.chair.use Allows the user to sit in chairs.


Issue Solution
Nothing happens when trying to sit ProtocolLib is needed, please make sure you have the LATEST version of ProtocolLib alongside CraftBook.
The sitting animation doesn’t appear on 1.6! Update to the latest versions of CraftBook, a major change occurred with the sitting animation!
Players are kicked when sitting! You are using a version of bukkit with a bug in it relating to vehicles! Please use Bukkit Build #2812.
Players are kicked for Nope! Make sure to use the LATEST version of ProtocolLib alongside CraftBook.
Players bob up and down on chairs. Make sure you don’t have a plugin that erases arrows (Or a spigot setting).