Stations allow the stopping and launching of minecarts. When stations are unpowered by redstone, minecarts that pass over them will perform a dead stop. When a redstone input (it must be directed) goes high, the minecart will launch in the direction of a sign post placed 2 or 3 blocks below the track block piece. This sign must have [Station] on the second line and face away from the direction that you want the minecart to be pushed towards. It is not possible to have multiple minecarts over one single station block. By default, stations are created with obsidian.

As of CraftBook 2.0, the station block continually pushes minecarts that go over it, although it will not make a fast cart go any faster.

View the tutorial video to learn how to use minecart stations.


Having AUTOSTART on the 3rd line of the sign allows the station to propel anyone who gets into the cart that is stopped at the station if it is powered.


The last line can have an item written in Item Syntax, that is then required for the player to be holding in order for the station to propel the player. This can be used for a ticket system as it supports names, lores and all other metadata supported by the Item Syntax.


Node Comment Default
mechanics.MinecartStation.block Sets the block that is the base of the station mechanic. minecraft:obsidian


Permission Node Effect
craftbook.vehicles.station Allows for creation of Stations.