Head Drops

The Head Drops mechanic allows the head of a slain entity or player to rarely drop their head.

Video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lv74hI7mVGA

Advanced Configuration

Per-Entity Type Drop Rates

In the configuration, if a section called drop-rates: is created inside the configuration, you can set custom drop rates per specific entities. This is done by having the entities name in a String, followed by the chance. For example, PIG: 0.5, would give a pig a 50% chance to drop a head.

For example:

  PIG: 0.5
  COW: 0.1

Custom Mob Heads/Extra Mob Heads

In the configuration, if a section called custom-mob-skins: is created inside the configuration, you can set custom skins to be used for certain mobs, allowing you to change a mobs skin.. Or add your own mob heads. This is done by having the entities name in a String, followed by the player name you wish it to use the skin of. For example, PIG: “me4502”, would give a pig Me4502’s head.

For example:

  PIG: "ironshotgun2"
  COW: "wizjany"
  SLIME: "md_5"


Node Comment Default
mechanics.HeadDrops.drop-mob-heads Allow the Head Drops mechanic to drop mob heads. true
mechanics.HeadDrops.drop-player-heads Allow the Head Drops mechanic to drop player heads. true
mechanics.HeadDrops.require-player-killed Only drop heads when killed by a player. Otherwise they will drop heads on any death. true
mechanics.HeadDrops.drop-head-when-mined When enabled, heads keep their current skin when mined and are dropped accordingly. true
mechanics.HeadDrops.override-natural-head-drops Override natural head drops, this will cause natural head drops to use the chances provided by CraftBook. (Eg, Wither Skeleton Heads) false
mechanics.HeadDrops.drop-rate A value between 1 and 0 which dictates the global chance of heads being dropped. This can be overridden per-entity type. 0.05
mechanics.HeadDrops.looting-rate-modifier This amount is added to the chance for every looting level on an item. Eg, a chance of 0.05(5%) and a looting mod of 0.05(5%) on a looting 3 sword, would give a 0.20 chance (20%). 0.05
mechanics.HeadDrops.show-name-right-click When enabled, right clicking a placed head will say the owner of the head’s skin. true
mechanics.HeadDrops.ignored-names List of usernames to ignore when the head is touched. [cscorelib]


Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.headdrops.kill Allows the player to receive head drops as loot.
craftbook.mech.headdrops.break Allows the player to receive the correct head when they break it.

Mob Head Drops

HeadDrops supports all mob heads in the base game, as well as many more.

Mob Image
blaze https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Blaze/64.png
elder_guardian https://minotar.net/helm/ElderGuardian/64.png
villager_golem https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Golem/64.png
donkey https://minotar.net/helm/Donkey/64.png
zombie_pigman https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_PigZombie/64.png
squid https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Squid/64.png
ghast https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Ghast/64.png
guardian https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Guardian/64.png
parrot https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Parrot/64.png
cow https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Cow/64.png
magma_cube https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_LavaSlime/64.png
spider https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Spider/64.png
wither https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Wither/64.png
horse https://minotar.net/helm/gavertoso/64.png
slime https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Slime/64.png
polar_bear https://minotar.net/helm/Polar_Bear/64.png
bat https://minotar.net/helm/bozzobrain/64.png
witch https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Witch/64.png
pig https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Pig/64.png
sheep https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Sheep/64.png
ender_dragon https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_EnderDragon/64.png
shulker https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Shulker/64.png
mooshroom https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_MushroomCow/64.png
cave_spider https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_CaveSpider/64.png
villager https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Villager/64.png
ocelot https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Ocelot/64.png
enderman https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Enderman/64.png
silverfish https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Silverfish/64.png
stray https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Stray/64.png
endermite https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Endermite/64.png
evocation_illager https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Evoker/64.png
vindication_illager https://minotar.net/helm/Vindicator/64.png
chicken https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Chicken/64.png
snowman https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_SnowGolem/64.png
vex https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Vex/64.png
wolf https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Wolf/64.png
rabbit https://minotar.net/helm/MHF_Rabbit/64.png