AI Mechanics

AI Mechanics change how mobs work.

Vision AI Mechanic

The vision AI mechanic changes how mobs see you. If you are sneaking past a mob in low light not getting too close to the mob, it may not see you. A mob will also only see you behind walls if you are sprinting.

Critical Bow AI Mechanic

The critical bow AI mechanic gives mobs a chance to do a critical hit on you with their bow. This critical hit will set you alight!

Attack Passive AI Mechanic

The attack passive AI Mechanic allows mobs to attack passive mobs, like pigs or sheep. Note: Due to a bug in bukkit this may not work with some mobs that use specific AI’s.


Node Comment Default The list of entities to enable vision AI mechanics for. [Zombie, PigZombie]
mechanics.AI.crit-bow-enable The list of entities to enable bow critical AI mechanics for. [Skeleton]
mechanics.AI.attack-passive-enable The list of entities to enable attack passive AI mechanics for. [Zombie]